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15th Jul


As we grow older, aches and pains become more and more common. Joint pain? Blame it on the rain. Back pain? Perhaps a consequence of doing yard work over the weekend. Oftentimes, symptoms are easy to ignore, and mostly (if you’re lucky) they go away on ...

24th Jun


The warm weather and longer days make summer one of the best times of the year for heading outdoors. For many, this means lacing up a pair of running shoes and hitting the streets or finding a running trail. Running, after all, is one of the most ...

10th Jun


Although you can technically get away with wearing sandals in Texas year-round, summer is officially upon us and there’s no excuse not to show off your feet now. Whether you need some help getting your winter-worn feet in shape for sporting sandals or ...

19th May


Rheumatoid arthritis is known for attacking multiple bones and joints throughout the entire body, however ninety percent of people suffering from the condition have it in their feet or ankles. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the feet by starting at the toes ...

8th May


As summer approaches and the kids’ dirty old school shoes get tucked away or discarded, it’s important to get them the proper shoes for the summer break. Please consider these factors when shoe shopping: Children’s Feet Change with Age. Keep an ...

29th Apr


Many athletes, whether professional, competitive or recreational put demands on their feet and lower limbs. This kind of stress can lead to different types of injuries. From something as small as a blister to sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones or ...

6th Apr


When you’ve got a nagging pain, it can really interrupt your life, especially if it is in your foot or ankle. When you are unable to accomplish simple tasks without discomfort you come to realize how much you rely on your feet! There are various ...

Do You need Foot Surgery?
20th Mar


If you suffer from a foot injury, disease or deformity you might consider foot surgery. How do you know if surgery is the best thing for you? There may be other treatments that will allow you to reduce the pain and lead a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of ...

Ingrown Toenails
26th Feb


Do I have an ingrown toenail? An ingrown toenail is usually curved and grown into the skin at the borders, which then causes irritation, pain, redness, swelling. If the nail causes a break in the skin, bacteria can then enter and cause an infection to the ...

22nd Oct


If you are a primary care physician or podiatrist in the Lakeway, Austin, Cedar Park or the Dripping Springs area, please come meet Lakeway’s new surgical podiatrist this Thursday, October 23, at The Grove located on 620 across from Lakeway Regional ...