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Learn How to Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

If you have diabetes, you know that taking good care of your feet is extremely important. This is because, in diabetic patients, ingrown toenails and other minor foot issues, can lead to serious complications. They can even put you at a high risk for limb amputation.

The good news is that diabetic foot problems can be prevented. You can visit a podiatrist at least once a year for proper check-ups, but you should also make a habit of checking your feet at home daily. A few minutes of your day can go a long way in preventing foot issues.

diabetic foot care

Follow these seven simple steps to help prevent diabetic foot problems:

  1. Dry your feet completely after you wash them. Make sure you get between the toes to prevent fungal infections.
  2. Put lotion on your feet to keep the skin moisturized and prevent calluses. Avoid getting lotion between your toes.
  3. Examine your feet carefully once a day. If there are parts of your foot that you can’t see, use a mirror or ask someone to help you. Be sure to check for cuts, calluses, blisters, bruises and swelling – or any other changes that seem out of the ordinary.
  4. Keep your toenails short, trimming them straight across to prevent ingrown nails. If necessary, you can file the edges with an emery board.
  5. Avoid walking barefoot to prevent getting cuts or scratches. Wear socks indoors, and buy shoes that fit well and support your arches.
  6. Exercise daily whenever possible. This will get the blood circulating in your feet and help build strength.
  7. Most importantly, follow your doctor’s orders and try to keep your blood sugar in check.

At Barrett Podiatry, we can help guide you in performing proper and consistent diabetic foot care, and we can take care of all of your foot care needs. To schedule an appointment for a diabetic foot care screening, call 210-479-3233 or use our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Johnson McGee

    I like how you said, “Avoid walking barefoot…”. I’m going to tell my wife to stop doing this. I bet her feet would feel better all the time. Also, she wouldn’t get hurt when stepping on rocks. What sort of shoes do you recommend?

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