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Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure

Most of us do not really give a lot of consideration to having our nails cut, but if you are elderly, infirmed or suffer from restricted movement then a medical pedicure can be a very important aspect of your healthcare.

At Barrett Podiatry, we provide a simple nail cutting clinic that is ideal for the elderly, visually impaired, disabled or people who are simply unable to reach their feet safely. This service is also suitable for diabetic patients. We offer this service on Thursdays and Fridays.

A professional pedicure may be adequate foot care for most seniors, but sometimes the expertise of a podiatrist is necessary. Call our office to find out more about our dedicated medical pedicure clinic every Thursday and Friday.

The Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is a dry pedicure, meaning there is no foot bath like the ones associated with many spa pedicures. Toenails and cuticles are cleaned and the nails are trimmed and filed. Results should last up to 3 months, if feet are moisturized every night.

Is this covered by insurance?

Insurances, like Medicare, may cover routine foot care, like toenail clipping and the removal of corns and calluses in specific circumstances. It does cover treatments that are considered medically necessary. For example:

  • If you have foot problems that are caused by conditions such as diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic kidney disease, or inflammation of the veins related to blood clots.
  • If the act of toenail clipping would be hazardous to your health unless done by a professional, such as a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are foot doctors who treat all skin, nail and foot conditions and can advise you on preventative treatment. That grotesque wart on the side of your foot? Consider it gone. Calluses, bunions, yellow nails and everything in between… we can handle it all.

In all these situations, you need your podiatrist to provide evidence that the care is medically necessary. Click here to schedule an appointment.