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Foot Care

Barrett Podiatry - Good Foot Care

Good foot care is essential to leading a healthy, active life. As you age, the wear and tear on your feet becomes more noticeable. Often times foot problems are the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

Take a look at your feet on a regular basis. Determine if you notice anything unusual about them such as redness, callouses, lacerations, pain, cuts, bruises, or ingrown toenails. Pay attention to what you are seeing and address the issue immediately. If you don’t understand what you are seeing then make an appointment at Barrett Podiatry for proper diagnosis and treatment. Often times it could be something very easy to treat.

You can also choose to do simple things that will help prevent or alleviate certain problems or injuries with your feet.

  1. Put your feet up when sitting down.
  2. Stretch your feet.
  3. Massage your feet.
  4. Take a warm foot bath.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes when you’re outside.
  6. Walk around.

If you notice anything unusual please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can certainly help you.


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