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How to Shop for Proper Shoes!

Nike-kids-Shoes-pictureAs summer approaches and the kids’ dirty old school shoes get tucked away or discarded, it’s important to get them the proper shoes for the summer break. Please consider these factors when shoe shopping:

  • Children’s Feet Change with Age. Keep an eye on those shoes and socks, making sure they fit properly. Children’s feet can grow and change in a matter of weeks.
  • Shoes That Don’t Fit Properly Can Aggravate the Feet. When shoe-shopping, always take advantage of the sizing chart or ruler. This way you can ensure that you know your child’s foot size.
  • Never Hand Down Footwear. Shoes don’t fit the same on every child’s foot. Also, fungi and germs can be spread from one wearer to the other.
  • Examine the Heels. Kids can be hard on shoes. Keep an eye on the heels of the shoes. If they are uneven, it could hurt your children’s growth and gait.
  • Take Your Child Shoe Shopping. For a good fit (and for a little fun), take your child shoe shopping with you. Letting them pick out the right shoes can help in growing their confidence and teaching them about foot health.
  • Always Buy for the Larger Foot. People’s feet are not always the same size. Always purchase the pair of shoes to fit the larger foot.
  • Buy Shoes That Do Not Need a “Break-In” Period. Shoes should be comfortable from the get go. Have your child try them on with socks or tights if that’s how the shoes are going to be worn.


(source: APMA)

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