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Bellafill® Injections

Dermal filler treatments are commonly used to slow down the aging process of the skin. The use of dermal fillers in the podiatric practice is becoming more popular as patients and doctors seek out less invasive treatments for foot pain. Barrett Podiatry uses Bellafill® in feet and toes to allow comfort you may have thought was lost to aging and tissue loss.

Bellafill® is a smooth, collagen gel-based dermal filler that contains tiny PMMA microspheres. Even as the collagen is absorbed by your body, the PMMA microspheres remain in place and create a “scaffold” that supports your own natural collagen production. Bellafill® is FDA approved and is the only dermal filler on the market with five year safety and efficacy data. Its satisfaction data and safety profile is unmatched, making it one of the safest fillers on the market to date. Bellafill® creates a lasting improvement in your skin.

The procedure begins with numbing the area to be treated. Once the area is numb, the filler is added to the areas that are causing your pain. The treatment generally takes a half hour, with the injection process lasting 15-20 minutes. There’s no required downtime after your treatment with Bellafill®. You can get back to your normal routine immediately.

Fillers have been found so safe and effective that we can avoid surgical procedures of certain foot problems. Dermal fillers can be used to provide cushioning for the balls and heels of the feet and to treat many types of foot pain.

  •     High Heel Pain
  •     Morton’s Neuroma
  •     Flat Feet
  •     Foot Pad Atrophy
  •     Painful Corns
  •     Calluses
  •     Hammertoes or those Areas of Bony Prominence

Fillers can provide much needed comfort by padding the ball of the foot and protecting your soft tissue, nerves, bones and joints from repeated stress. Fillers are a wonderful addition to our treatment options, offering safe, comfortable results with a minimum of downtime. Although using a filler is a conservative approach you will need a consultation with our doctors at Barrett Podiatry prior to the procedure. Bellafill® injections are not covered by insurance.

Please call and schedule your consultation today and be on your way to a foot pain free day!