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Want Clearer Nails in the Future? Start Now!

For clearer nails, start your treatment today. Fungal toenails are often a stubborn, long-time companion for many patients. While they don’t often cause any pain, they can definitely be responsible for some emotional trauma. Self-consciousness and constant concealment of afflicted toes is not the happiest way to go through life.

clearer nailsThe good news is that toenail fungus is treatable. The bad news is, it can take several months for the fungus inside a nail to be killed within its fortress. However, even when the fungus is fully eradicated, the thick, brittle battlefield of the infected nail tissue remains. New, clearer nails must grow out to replace them, which also takes time.

Why are we saying all this? Because you might be thinking of plans for next summer. Maybe a vacation. Maybe a big reunion, or even a wedding! Whatever it is, if you want to look your best in open-toed shoes or sandals, the time to start anti-fungal treatment is now!

Call your podiatrist to learn about different treatment options, like oral medication, topical medication, or fungal laser treatment.

We know there are many things to consider for an upcoming big event, and that things can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. If getting rid of your nail fungus is an item on your list, then talk with us about it today. The sooner treatment starts, the sooner you get results.

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