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Signs Your Orthotics Need a Checkup

Custom orthotics can be an outstanding tool for helping many patients find relief from problems caused by structural abnormalities. This may mean treating heel pain, reducing callus-causing friction, or even taking excess pressure off a bunion.

replacement of orthoticsCustom orthotics can do a lot of hard work, but that means they can’t last forever, either. Eventually, the materials of an orthotic will wear down to the point where it is providing less (or no) supportive help. It is also common for circumstances to change, and the need for orthotics to change with them.

Regular maintenance and replacement of orthotics is essential to maintaining optimal performance and relief. Here are a few signs that you should have your current orthotics checked.

  • They Look Worn – Sometimes the best signs are simple ones. If your orthotics look thin, cracked, or broken off in places, it’s time for new ones.
  • Your Shoes are Wearing Unevenly – Custom orthotics should provide even distribution of weight over your feet. If your shoe treads are wearing more heavily on one side of a shoe than the other, it’s a sign that this job is not being performed at its best.
  • You Are Feeling Increased Pain and Discomfort – This can happen gradually over time, so it pays to stop and carefully take stock of the situation. If you have noticed increased heel, foot, or ankle pain recently, it may be due to your orthotics wearing down.
  • You Have Changed – Changes in weight and events such as pregnancy can create new situations that your current orthotics might not be fully prepared to handle. You may need an adjustment or replacement of orthotics.

Depending on your activities, you may need to wear orthotics indefinitely. You may also need periodic changes in your prescription as your foot function changes. If you have questions about your orthotics, never hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!

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