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Hate the Bunion?

Hate the Bunion?

Why do I have a bunion?

Blame your genetics first, but your footwear next! Bunions tend to run in families, specifically among those who have the foot type prone to developing a bunion. If you have flat feet, low arches, arthritis, or inflammatory joint disease, you can develop a bunion. Footwear choices play a role too! Wearing shoes that are too tight or cause the toes to be squeezed together, like many stylish peep-or pointed-toe shoes, aggravates a bunion-prone foot.

I hate my bunion…how do I get rid of it?

There are several treatment options available from the most conservative to surgical correction to eliminate the painful deformity.

Padding and taping to minimize pain and keep the foot in a normal position, reducing stress and pain.

Anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections can be prescribed to ease acute pain and inflammation.

Custom Orthotics or shoe inserts may be useful in controlling foot function to prevent worsening of a bunion.

Surgery is the definitive option. At Barrett Podiatry we offer several different surgical options depending on your unique situation. Surgical techniques have improved greatly generation after generation. Today’s bunion surgical techniques allow the patient to return to activities in just a few weeks.

Barrett Podiatry is here to help guide you through your treatment and eliminate your painful, unsightly bunion.

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