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Even Santa has a Great Pair of Boots

selecting bootsBoots have long been a practical choice for the winter, but today’s boots are also a fashion statement. Even those who don’t need to worry about cold weather are selecting boots this season.

If you follow some specific podiatrist-approved advice, you will be comfortable wearing your boots regardless of where you live and what type of temperatures you have to endure.

  • Have your feet measured before trying on boots. The size of your feet can change throughout your life. Keep in mind that your boot size may not be the same in all styles and brands of boots. Try to fit boots in the afternoon, when your feet are at their largest. And buy your boots for your larger foot—did you know that most feet are not the exact same size?
  • Boots should feel comfortable when you try them on in the store. Don’t think you can “break them in” because more than likely if they aren’t comfortable in the store, they won’t be comfortable in three more weeks. Boots constructed of natural materials, like leather, will keep your feet dry and comfortable during the winter months. Stay away from synthetics and plastics which will cause your feet to sweat, trapping in heat and moisture and causing odor.
  • Bring your prescribed insoles or orthotics when boot shopping. The rigid shape of some boots limits natural foot movement and provides no arch support. A good insole inside the boot will cushion your foot and provide that much needed support.
  • While you are in the store, think about how you will be using your boot. If you opt for furry snow boots, you will want to look for rubber soles with deep grooves to give you the best traction. Obviously, those narrow high heels and spikes look fashionable, but they won’t be a good choice on snowy days. Choose a lower heel or stacked heel for additional support.
  • When selecting boots for specific sports such as skiing or snowboarding, you should always work with a knowledgeable sales-person. With good advice, along with your orthotics or insoles, you can not only be comfortable, but you can also improve your performance on the ice and snow.

When in doubt about any type of boot, ask your podiatrist for  recommendations. Often the doctor can help you make the best choice for your foot type and even for a specific sport. Even Santa has a great podiatrist, you know.

(Source: www.apma.org)

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