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Do You need Foot Surgery?

Do You need Foot Surgery?

If you suffer from a foot injury, disease or deformity you might consider foot surgery. How do you know if surgery is the best thing for you? There may be other treatments that will allow you to reduce the pain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Regardless of the specific problems you are dealing with, if you’ve seen a podiatrist and tried all methods for relieving your ailment, surgery may be the best course of action. Your issues might be too serious for non-surgical treatments or could even worsen if you delay treatment.

TENDONS: When your tendons become torn and can’t connect the muscle to the bone, your foot and/or ankle may not work properly. In most cases a tendon sprain or even a small tear will heal itself. On the other hand, a major tear should most likely be operated upon.

DEFORMITY: If you have a deformity in your foot (for example, a bunion), it can really negatively affect your lifestyle due to constant pain. If bunion cushions aren’t doing the job, you may be looking at bunion removal surgery. Don’t let this type of deformity keep you from enjoying every day activities.

FOOT FRACTURE: While some foot fractures can be treated without surgery (for example, casting or a boot), serious fractures must be fixed surgically to regain normal function. When your bone breaks completely into pieces (displaced fracture) most patients benefit from surgery to realign the bones.

ARTHRITIS: Arthritis is painful to live with and, unfortunately, there are few successful treatments. However, some surgeries have proven to reduce pain. A subtalar fusion may correct rigidity, instability of the joint and could actually remove the arthritis.

To find out if surgery is the right choice for you, give us a call and make an appointment. It could be the answer to improving your quality of life and keeping you active and pain-free.

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