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It’s Not Hammerhead. It’s Hammertoes.

It’s Not Hammerhead. It’s Hammertoes.

Most have heard the term “hammertoe” however, most do know what it is. Curled toes or “hammertoes” are a very common podiatric problem. Talk to anyone who is unhappy with their feet and this is usually at the top of their list.

Many do not know this particular condition is caused by a muscle imbalance in the foot. Foot biomechanics are very important to the overall foot health. Consider this, there are six set of muscles responsible for stabilizing the bones that keep the toes flat to the ground when walking. If there are indeed abnormal biomechanics it can lead the wrong muscles of the toes to overwork and overpower the right muscles causing contraction and buckling of the toe joint.

In addition to those mentioned above, another cause of hammertoe includes wearing shoes that are too tight that squeeze the toes. This can cause critical injury to the toes and in some cases arthritis. If untreated, hammertoes can cause significant discomfort. Friction and pressure also add to these problems. Pressure is painful against any curled toes. Friction can lead to corns on the top of the affected joints with redness and swelling.

You can live with this condition. However, having curled digits or “hammertoes” over an extended number of years can lead to stiff joints where just the simple act of walking becomes painful. If you are experiencing these symptoms, take control of your foot health today! Contact Barrett Podiatry today for your new patient consultation!