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Foot Pain: Is It Your Shoes or Your Feet?

foot painNew shoes, old shoes, and poorly fitting shoes can all cause foot pain – whether it is a mild issue like an occasional blister, a more long-term annoyance like a corn or callus, or even chronic heel pain. But how can you be sure that the foot pain you’re experiencing is the result of your footwear instead of a structural issue with your feet?

While your best bet is to see a podiatrist for a comprehensive foot exam and official diagnosis, we offer a few reasons why your feet might be the culprit and reasons why you should maybe point the finger (or toe) at your shoes instead.

It’s Structural

There are many reasons why your feet might be the problem, including:

  • Bone deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes
  • Bone misalignment, which can result in extra pressure or friction against your shoes and cause corns
  • Bone spurs, which can form on the top of the foot

Feet that are too wide or too narrow can also create problems if, like most people, you’re wearing standard-size shoes. For example, narrow feet tend to move around more inside the shoe, and all that extra rubbing can cause blisters.

Shop for Your Feet

You know how certain items of clothing aren’t designed to fit well on all body types? Well, the same thing is true for shoes. If you have wide feet, for example, and buy shoes with a narrow toe box, over time you can develop blisters, calluses, and/or corns. Wearing certain shoes can also result in muscle cramps, especially if the shoe doesn’t provide good arch support.

Whether you’re shopping for heels, sandals, or running shoes, make sure you think about your own feet. With so many brands and types of shoes to choose from, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Are you ready to find out the cause of your foot pain?

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